Good Morning,

Well summer is slowing starting to peek out and I wanted to give a little update to all of you. We are working on some awesome things for the summer, so please stay tuned for some fun for the summer!!!!

In the meantime, we are still running our picture contest, so keep sending in your Tits Deep pictures for your chance to win a sweet Tits Deep prize pack. We also still have lots of awesome hoodies for those chilly summer nights by the bonfire, and of course lots of sweet tshirts and stickers available for purchase. Help us build this company for all the amazing shred ladies out there. Email sio.titsdeep@gmail.com for merchandise sales, contest entries and any other questions you may have about Tits Deep.

Thank you so much for all the support!!!

Peace, Love, Shred



Good morning Ladies,

Well its that time of year again, the winter season is OVER!!!! This is very sad but we had one hell of a season, which we can all be very grateful for, thank you mother nature!!!!!!

Ok so as we slowly go into spring we would like to set it off with a little picture contest. Send us your best picture from the season and we will showcase it on our website and all social networking sites, of course we will also be sending the person with the best photo a Tits Deep prize pack.

Think you have the best photo of the season? Send it to sio.titsdeep@gmail.com with your mailing address.

ps. if you have a picture wearing Tits Deep gear or rockin a sticker PLEASE SEND IT TO US!!!!!!!!!

GOOD LUCK :) :) :)

Peace, love, SHRED


Park Days last stop

A little late but here are the pics from our last Ontario stop with Women Snowboard Federation Park Days… This has been one of the best experiences for Tits Deep. I want to take the opportunity to truly thank Jessica Woosley for having us be apart of this, it has been such a fun winter and all thanks to you :). Cant wait to be apart of Park Days next season xox _01 (1) _03 (1) _06 (1) _08 (1) _09 _13 (1) _15 (1) _16 (1) _17 _20 (1) _26 (1) _27 (1) _28 (1) _30 (1) _31 (1) _35 (1) _40 (1) _38 (1) _41 (1)


Get to know our new snowboarder, Carina Buck

Age: 17

Hometown: Cambridge, ON
Home Hill: Blue Mountain
Favourite Food: Any kind of Pasta :D
Favourite Outerwear: Billabong, PWDR Room
Biggest Fear: Spiders ( mainstream answer, but im actually so terrified!! )
Favourite Trick: Front Lips all day!
Worst Trick: Back Ones
Whats on your riding playlist: Anything with a good beat! lots of mellow rap and pumped up stuff. Not to into that hardcore stuff ;)
What does snowboarding mean to you: Snowboarding to me is a time where you can just go out with some friends and just forget about everything for a couple hours. When your out on the hill the only thing your worrying about is landing your next trick and deciding if you want the pasta for the third day in a row or the chicken fingers for lunch. Snowboarding means everything to me. The feeling you get when your out there doing your thing and your riding with your crew just having a blast and at the same time everyone is trying to show each other up and just improve its just so exciting and trill seeking. I couldn’t ask to do anything else.
Why do you love it: I love the sport because not only is it the most fun, relaxing, exciting thing to do, it also can be very dangerous and trilling. It truly is an extreme sport. When your up there on that mountain and your throwing yourself off these jumps or onto these rails, it all comes down to what you do in those split seconds, and it really teaches you that time goes by fast and you have to appreciate those few seconds you have. You know when you have found your passion when you can just go out and just have that happy, free feeling doing what you love, and snowboarding for me is what i love.
(thoughts on) Females in snowboarding today: Females in snowboarding have come a tremendous way. I am so excited seeing all of the girls out there. I remember my very first contest I went to I was the only girl in my category and now a days I enter contest and there are at least 3-7 girls. Women have also improved so much in snowboarding, in what they throw down and the level some of these riders are at. Making it to the Olympics this year and more. Its very impressing to see that. Its also really exciting to see all the new female riders getting out and getting involved in the sport. If you ever check out the Roxy Ride Days or the Oakley Progression Days, there are more girls on hill those days then there are guys. The girls are really starting to step up and take there place on the mountain and Its a really great thing to witness and to help be a part of! I can’t wait to see more girls getting on hill and taking their riding to the next level.
Sponsors: Tits Deep
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Words from Anna

Hello ladies, so our girl Anna has been very busy here is a bit of update from our little lady.

Traveling around to different resorts to compete in events is definitely one of my favorite parts of skiing. It can be incredibly overwhelming and exhausting at times, but I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had at competitions for anything! I know that I am learning and developing at each and every competition  I go to and I believe that this has helped me grow as a skier and an individual!
It was a bit hard to get my confidence from last year back this season, but with support from my amazing coaches, team mates, friends and family, I have finally been able to step it up and ski to my ability. A 2nd place finish this weekend definitely helped affirm that feeling.
I have just returned home from Golden, BC, where I spent the weekend competing in the 2014 Kicking Horse Junior Big Mountain Competition. The venue for the competition was very unique and the perfect stage for all of the athletes to showcase their athleticism and talent. The level of skiing that went down this weekend in Kicking horse was absolutely unreal! It was so awesome to watch my friends throw down and even more awesome to be apart of the ever-growing Freeski community!
Off to Lake Louise this weekend for a national event, should be awesome!!
annaski annawins
Thank you Anna for giving us this great update!!! Keep killing it and making us proud :)


Service Announcement ; For the record

It has been slowly coming to my attention more and more that people are getting confused with my company and another company who are going by the same name. I am going to set the record straight right now and tell everyone exactly what is going on.

When I moved to Kelowna, BC in 2009, my roommate (Janelle Leclair) and myself came up with a snowboard company named Tits Deep. It started off with just a blog talking about moving out west and videos of living the snowboard lifestyle, we had stickers made, nothing major, just our little fun project. It slowly started to gain some ground and we actually had some ladies checking us out.

I moved back to Ontario to start my career in the music industry (my second love next to snowboarding). Tits Deep sort of dropped off, as I was busy touring and working a great deal. I then started to ‘sponsor’ a couple local snowboarders.

Tits Deep is all about promoting women in action sports. I want to be able to support and help every women I can, but there is a line that has been crossed and that is something I can not stand for. I have been working very hard for this name and put in a great deal  of my own money towards making this company what it is, and I am not taking a single penny for myself. As I continue to say, all the money from merchandise sales goes back into the company. I do not make a profit!

So this is my explanation for everyone to read so that you all know the difference between us. I have made Tits Deep a all action sports company, not just snowboarding. We are here for all women and support any lady who wants to start their own female company, just please do not use the name I have had and worked hard for.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me directly at sio.titsdeep@gmail.com

Thank you to each and every one of you for reading this and continuing your support for women in action sports and my company Tits Deep


Siobhan McGeown


Hello everyone,

Just a friendly reminder to all that we still have a few more hoodies for sale($45). lots of tshirts($20) and stickers($2,$5,$10). Now the sale of anything Tits Deep goes back into the company so that we can one day give the money back to women athletes. Tits Deep has some major plans and goals but we cant do it alone, we need the help of all of our supports. If you support what we stand for and support a honest group of women who are trying to make a stand for women in action sports then purchase some Tits Deep gear and wear it with pride.



Hoodie Ad




Just for being you and supporting our goal , we are bringing the price down to $25 for the White and Pink hoodies.

Peace, Love, Shred