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We have some pretty sweet news to share with all of you, this season we are sponsoring the ski and snowboard club at UC Davis in California. I am pretty stoked on this , as this is our first big break into the US. We are a truly Canadian company but we do love and support all girls from all over the world. Tits Deep is a community of rad girls no matter where they are from. Which is why this is so very exciting to us at Tits Deep!!! If you would like to know more about the UC Davis ski and snowboard club and catch us on the sponsor page, check out their website here;

Here are some awesome pics from the crew at UC Davis rocking the Tits Deep gear we sent them.








Thanks everyone for the awesome show of support!!! Cant wait to see more of Tits Deep on the hills :)

Opps we did it again…

Hey everyone, guess what?!?!??? We are coming back again for another season with Women Snowboard Federation and Park days. We are so excited to be apart of this amazing event for another winter season. If you are in Ontario come out to Blue Mountain on January 24th for a day of coaching and competition from beginner to advanced riders. Meet new friends , win prizes and have the most fun with other ladies in your area. Of course come hang out with Tits Deep all day. Registration is now open, sign up now before the spots are filled up.


Pretty Faces

Hey! Exciting day for women in action sports!! The trailer for the Pretty Faces, all girl ski film as just been released!! It looks incredible! This is also a very special day because it marks the legendary ski star, Sarah Burke’s, day of birth. She was an amazing women and without the work she did to promote women in sports, there is no way we would be where we are today. All female athletes owe everything to Sarah and it is a shame that we lost such a shining light so early. Today we remember her and we celebrate the achievements that come with the assertion of girl power.

Also check out and read everything about the Sarah Burke foundation

- Anna Lovenuik

Catching up with the ladies ; Anna Lovenuik

Everyone loves a slight breeze on a hot day and feeling of complete relaxation as last rays of sunlight sink below the horizon. Summer is the best time to explore the outdoors, try something new and discover yourself. There are countless ways to spend time during this season, but it is critical that we always enjoy and cherish every minute of it.
Spending a month in Europe this July has helped me gain perspective on the fascinating ways in which the world works, but more importantly, has helped me gain some insight into what kind of person I want to become. We all have so much to learn about the world around us and the lessons that every country has to offer are ones that will change everything. I was fortunate enough to visit England, France, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic, which are five places that I know I will be returning to someday. My favourite place was definitely Murren, Switzerland, which is a tiny town in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The calming power of the mountains is completely incredible and I know in my heart that I belong in a place like Murren. Even thousands of miles away from my home, I felt comfortable and relaxed in Murren, like I’d lived there for years. The only difficult aspect about being in the Alps in the summer time how much it made me miss skiing! It was very hard to focus on the school work that I was doing while all I wanted to do was shred the ‘ski movie’ runs that lined the massive peaks around me. It is a new found dream of mine to return to the Swiss Alps with skis in tow.
Although my snow skiing addiction cannot be sufficed in the summer months, I find ways to distract myself with another form of skiing – on water! During the summer, I spend as much time as I can at Predator Bay Waterski Club, just outside Calgary Alberta where I have been waterskiing since I was ten years old. The lake is pretty much my second home during the summer and I love everything the sport has to offer!
I am looking forward to another month full of summer time magic and I cannot wait to see what it holds in store for all of us!

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Such beautiful words and pictures from our girl Anna. What a great adventure!!!!!

Catching up with the ladies; Zoe Blewett

So far this summer has been a feat of missing winter. The season ended in the last week of April and by the first week of May when i was heading off to work for the summer i was already missing the snow… it’s been a struggle and i’m sure everyone knows how i’m feeling. Luckily i booked some time off in July and headed to Whistler. I got to spend two days with my awesome boss, his family and one of my bestfriends riding the camp of champions park up on horstman. It was really great to just find my ski legs again and get comfy on jumps and rails before i headed over to momentum for some rad skiing with a bunch of rad ladies. Though it wasn’t exactly the week i was hoping for, as some previous injuries held me back from achieving the goals i had set for my self. But i still had a stellar time, learnt some new things and got comfy on bigger and more fun features. I couldn’t have been happier, i had skis on my feet so its pretty hard to complain! By the end of the week i was looking at pow pictures from the previous season and thinking that being ‘Tits Deep’ in pow woudln’t be too bad right now… Im back at work now and just getting more and more stoked for the coming season! Praying for the frost and lots of snow- i can’t wait until summer is over!

- Zoe


zoe-summer1 zoe-summer2 zoe-summer3