Park Days x Tits Deep

Another Park Days is done and what a amazing day it was!!! Thank you so much to Women Snowboard Federation and Jess for having us back for another year. We had owner Siobhan and rider Carina holding it down at the Tits Deep booth all day talking to so many rad chicks. Team rider Rachel was a coach this year and she did AMAZING!!!!! Congrats to all the winners of the day!! And to all the girls who came out, you all did such an amazing job and we hope you keep it up and keep killin it and showing all the guys you can do it better!!!

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Thank you again to Jess for allowing us to be apart of such a great, inspiring event!! We hope to be apart of it again next year and for years to come. :)

McLucky in the house

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January 24th at Blue Mountain Resort!!  That´s under two weeks away ladies.  If you have not registered do it now!!  It is absolutely amazing to be a part of this day of girls shred with WSF and Titsdeep & seeing women of all ages throw it down in freestyle like they´ve always dreamed.  What´s going to make this day extra sweet for me is I´ll be helping out with the coaching!

Come ride with me in the park!

Registration and other dates and locations outside of Ontario at!


And lastly, I´d like to send a huge shout out to Sio for bringing us Titsdeep and all the goods that come along with it, you are one rad chick.


-Rachel signing out from my desk.  And finishing my post-Lakeridge pizza, duh.


Winter update with Zoe

1) How has the season been for you so far? How many times have you gone out?

Unfortunately my season has been pretty mellow, I had the un-lucky timing of starting off the season with a pretty major, but old, injury that came back to bite me so I have been spending a lot of time doing physio and trying to rehab myself back into shred-able shape. Though I have gotten probably around 20 days in already, most have been very mellow with no jumps allowed and a lot of straight hitting rails! Hoping to get the clear soon so I can start learning and throwing some new stuff asap!

2) What are your goals for this season? Any new tricks planned?

This season my goal is just to have as much fun as possible. I spent the last season stressing over competition too much and with my recent move to whistler I hope to focus on just learning new tricks and having as much fun as possible! I’m hoping to learn lots of new things this season but first on my to do list once I’m ‘back on skis’ is to just re-establish some staples!

3) Do you have any trips in mind for this season? Where?

Though living in whistler is kind of one big dream trip I still hope to do a little bit of travelling. In March I will once again probably head over to Sunpeaks for the Dew tour am series as last years competition was so much fun as well as hopefully heading down to Oregon in May in hopes of hitting up Mt. Hood and My. Bachelor!