Tits Deep doesn’t hate, but we DO like to stand up for the women’s snowboard community. Check out this video from a jib jam Tits Deep attended in Edmonton a couple weekends ago. Neat setup, fun times, lots of people bailed as you can see, even the guys…But when OVER HALF of the shots of the girls jam are BAILS (I gotta admit, some fucking RUGGED ones!) it doesn’t really sit too well with us. Kindof makes us sad. So Tits Deep commented on the video with a statement about that in a friendly ‘haha’ manner, the filmer replied (don’t remember what he wrote exactly), we replied to his reply still in a friendly ‘haha’ manner, and we thought everything was peachy. I check out the vid again today only to find that the comments were DELETED….scared of a little constructive criticism? Get over it. TITS DEEP is here to stay.

Check the new comment we posted:

Here’s the comment in case it happens to get deleted again:

“im sorry that you cant take constructive criticism through comments on vimeo and therefore delete them! its nothing personal…someone has to stand up for the women’s snowboard scene, and that someone is TITS DEEP!”


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