the story

“kinda weird how it happened, well stupid really. sio and i went to the Voleurz Outdoor Graduation premiere here in Kelowna and had a lil after party at our place. this guy (i won’t name names but it was Shayne Zwickel) was checking out my board sitting in the corner of the living room and was flexing it and stuff, he was drunk, and he said something like ‘can i break your board?’ and i was all like ‘yeah sure, right…’ definitely not thinking anyone would or could ever take an answer like that seriously. and he went ahead and snapped the fuck out of it. he then proceeded to apologize profusely after realizing what he had done….wtf right? i was so baffled by what happened, i didn’t cry or anything, i just kindof had a bewildered laughed because it felt like a dream. RIP!!”

here’s another photo of him trying to comfort me! DOUCHE!



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