FINALLY back and at em

Helllo everyone!

So LONG time no blogging, well while being out west was the best time of my life it defiantly became a lot harder to keep this blog going for Tits Deep. I am now back to Ontario, back to the family and back to the lovely little hills I grew up riding. I still miss those BC mountains and think about them everyday but being home is a nice feeling.

Alright so enough about me, I have some more big announcements to bring you lovely shred heads. First up I have brought on two lovely, lovely shred ladies on board with TITS DEEP… I would like to introduce you first to Ashley “Smashley” Braun, actually let her introduce herself to you..

Name: Ashley Braun
DOB: June 26, 1990
Hometown: Claremont , Ontario
Current Residence: Claremont, Ontario
Home Mountain: Lakeridge Resort
Sponsors: DC, Switch Skate & Snow, Cilla, IRAWKIT!, Women’s Snowboard Federation
I started snowboarding after I realized skiing just wasn’t for me. Then when I found that just cruising wasn’t enough for me I started to rip park. Even though it was mostly guys, it later pushed me to snowboard harder. My years of snowboarding consist of first chairs, last calls, backyard jibbing, gnarly bruises & casts, trespassing chargers for handrails, wu-tang, and homies. Snowboarding to me is all about pushing boundaries. It’s about landing that trick that had you on your ass the whole afternoon. Even though I rarely get the chance to rip hot laps with the girls, there is nothing better than seeing the ladies kill it in the park, not to mention getting the chance to show up the boys. I’m eagerly looking forward to finally get a chance to kill the park and film with a rad group of gals. This season will be a good one!

Next up is the young shred lady.. Jillian Clarke

Name: Jillian Clarke
DOB: March 29, 1993
Age: 17
Hometown: Huntsville, Ontario
Current Residence: Whitby, Ontario
Home Hill: Dagmar!
Sponsors: Dogbowl

ummm, the reason i started riding… haha well i started off on some hill behind my cottage with one of those plastic planks you get at Canadian tire. I thought it was pretty fun and kinda just went from there. I started riding about 5 years ago but just joined this freestyle scene like a season or two ago. I stuck with riding because i found it helped me grow up, it truly knocked me flat on my ass, and everyone has the choice to get up and face it again, or stay on their ass on the freezing cold ground. Snowboarding brings me more than just enjoyment, its brought me my very close friends, confidence and helped shape my life. It’s the best feeling to know that you’ve just stomped a trick, even if you’ve done it a hundred times before. I get stoked for other people when they get that trick they’ve been working on. It’s awesome to finally get to meet up with a bunch of the local girls and ride and learn together, it’s not a man’s sport and i think in the next few years the guys will start to notice that us girls can bring it aswell. I’m excited to be able to ride with Sio and Smashley, who when I was first starting off were the main girl riders in the area, and still are. It’s sweet to see how each of us learned differently then be able to teach it to each others instead of making it some big competition. It’s my first year with Dogbowl and Tits Deep and im hoping that I’ll be able to expand my sponsors this season. Girls need to know, all that it comes down to is the fun that you have and the chances you get to meet all the awesome people while doing it.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on these two amazing young ladies on the hill and on the TITS DEEP vimeo account.
Another big announcement is our first official sponsor…. dun dun dunnn… Deb N’ Deez Knitz ! They are  headwear company for woman by woman! Each hat is hand-made and has it’s very own uniqueness…
Be sure to check out their facebook and order your very own hand-made hat 🙂
Alright so that’s it for now, I know it is a long post but enjoy and take a check back in a few days for another update as myself and the ladies will be at a competition this saturday…
– SiO

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