Woke up this morning and what did I see when I looked out the window SNOWWWW!!!!!! and it hasn’t stopped :). Now these bone chilling temperatures can leave but the snow can keep coming. Just checking the weather network to see how much snow we will be getting but I know it isnt supposed to stop until tomorrow.. looks like we will be getting 1-3 cm, pfffftttttt lets hope its more than that 🙂

If anyone is going out riding today/tonight be sure to bundle up and have fun.. Some fun stuff tonight, Dogbowl starts their demo days at Dagmar so if you are heading there be sure to say hello to Dogbowls and Tits Deep little rider Jill :).. As for me I will be taking the next couple days off to relax and heal my back haha this old lady needs extra time to heal then I used to hahahaha

Peace, Love, Shred




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