Alright so I know, I know I havent updated in awhile but ya know life gets in the way.  Ok so a couple new things going on.. first up, there was a little comp at brim where Tits Deep riders Ashley got first, Jillian second YAY!!!!!

We also have a sweet edit of all of us ladies that will be done soon and put up on our vimeo account to just stay tuned.

There was a Rugged Riders comp this past weekend in Quebec, where my dear Janelle was there for. It went so well and had a great turn out.  Which leads me to some AMAZING NEWS… JANELLE IS IN ONTARIO!!! Yes it is true, she is here for a week and I will be getting to see her for a little on thursday. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So very excited, if you couldnt tell haha.

More news… WE GOT FACEMASKS!!!… check out the amazing work by the oh so lovely Jen Pope who makes Banditos (which you can find at Switch Skate and Snow, of course) and the great guys at Flight School Clothing (check our their facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=97633097414 )… checkkk checkkk it out

Also a little side note/shout out to my most favourite and most loved twins.. Aimee and Ilissa.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday).. You two are two of the best ladies I know and two of the best ladies in the industry .. LOVE YOU !!!!! xoxox

This week we have some more riding to do and some filming to do…

Peace, Love, Shred



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