A great night for a great cause!!!

Hey ladies and gents.. another new post here. My lovely fellow lady snowboarder has started an amazing organization called Boarders Against Breast Cancer which Tits Deep is colabing with some great new stuff soon. Well Emily and Boarders Against Breast Cancer are hosting a great fundraising event on March 25th with Roxy and Toronto Star at The Burroughes Building on Queen street in Toronto. Here is a link to the facebook invite, http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=80e229f713d601f42900c9ddeed20178&#!/event.php?eid=191662240865103 .. be sure to head down, it’s going to be an awesome night!!!

If you can’t make it down please still check out the website…  www.boardersagainstbreastcancer.org

Peace, Love, Shred

-Sio xox


One thought on “A great night for a great cause!!!

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