So I forgot to post that we FINALLY(haha) got our hats from our lovely sponsor Deb N’ Deez Knitz, which we are sooo STOKED on cause all of the hats looked amazing. Thanks again Danielle for supporting us and keeping our heads warm 🙂

                                                         They are cute, right ladies? Be sure to order some of your own 🙂

I also received some stickers from our friends in Ottawa called Sisterhood Love, check out their stuff on facebook!/profile.php?id=100001396557832.

                                                                                                 Thanks Zoe!!

As for us, we were all at Lakeridge tonight for Switch’s T.N.T.D but didn’t get to ride too much as Jillian had to leave early and I kept loosing Ashley and Rachel hahaha.. Well the ladies will be riding at another rail comp Saturday at Brim (aka. Kirby) so be sure to go check them out or stay tuned to find out how they did..

That is all for now, hope everyone had a good night and watched some Jersey Shore cause I know us ladies did 🙂 .

Peace, Love, Shred

– Sio xox


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