Rain Rain Go Away

I learned many things today-      like the advantage and disadvantage of being Underage.
-you get a good night’s rest before the comp the next morning.

-since you didnt not party hard the night before, you feel great the next morning, therefore you have to take one for the team and go to the comp which it just so happens to be pouring rain and cold

Next thing I learned is what not to wear and what to bring on a rainy snowboarding day.
-Retro clothing is NOT water proof.
-Denim snow pants are basically a substitute for sponges and collect as much water as possible.
-Your Garbage Bag Jacket is your best friend.
-Bring as many extra sets of clothing as possible.
-It takes about 20 minutes to dry your shirt with a bathroom hand dryer.
-The shower that you take at home after the comp, will be the best one you’ve ever taken.

Today was the slopestyle at Brimacombe. Fortunately for me I had the opportunity to experience my first comp in the rain. First few runs were really fun but, I’m going to be honestly and in the most positive way possible, after those first few runs I was probably the most miserable person there. It ended up still being super fun at times, but if you’re like me and you FREEZE, please take in consideration of the things I learned today, so that you can make the comp as much fun and enjoyable as possible. After a long day, I’m glad I went out, being the only girl I took home some prizes and I look forward to next year’s, which hopefully won’t be as wet.

-Jillian 🙂


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