A new friend :)

Hey.. meet our new friend Virginia and see what she does to get through the summer months 🙂

hmmm summer?
i might be a snowboarder and in love with the mountains and snow, but summer is brings lots of fun and adventures as well.
During the summer i mostly find myself working as boring as it sounds… it really is. but its all for a good cause, to make some cash for the upcoming snow season!
Working isnt the only thing i do… over the summer i find myself either in the water, on the beach, in the gym or cruzing around town on my skateboard and long board. I have a cottage up north so when im there im always wakeboarding and trying to improve and simply have fun and enjoy the water. it helps alot since it is kind of similar to snowboarding. also if im not working i like to go to the beach and hangout with friends and make bond fires. i sadly dont have a car ( no money ) so my skateboard is my best way of transportation. so youll usually see me skating around the streets on my way to the beach. im really outdoors kind of person so i like to spend as much time outside. but snowboarding never leaves my mind, im always going to the gym or going to trampoline sessions, to learn some tricks and keep my muscles working for next season. as much as summer is awesome and i enjoy it a lot taking a break from snowboarding i still cant help but to miss the snow and my snowboard so much… no problem there, i just go out in search of snow at ice rinks and pill some in a car then make my way down to town to find some urban rails and make a fun summer set up to hit for a couple hours with some friends. winter and snowboarding may be my passion and love, but summer is just as fun and i enjoy it so much!

– ps.. pictures will be posted soon 🙂


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