SO, sorry this is a tad late but here’s some pictures from my prom! It was super fun and now that it’s done i’m just waiting to be able to finish up the rest of highschool. I get to start my summer off this year out at camp of champions, which is going to be so sweet to be able to go out and ride again. Stay tuned in July 3-10th for post’s, pictures, and eventually a video sharing the expirence! After my trip i’m going to be spending my summer working at Dogbowl and helping out with wakeboard/skate events, hanging out with friends, spending time at the cottage and getting everything ready to start at UOIT (communications) this fall 🙂

 Best Dog in the World – Cody
 Date Joel Vachon
 16 person Limo, SO SWEET!
 friends (Rachel – white, Connor – red)

I got my dress at the Dress Lounge in Oshawa, there are other locations, but it was super cheap and nice, also my hair was done by the Career School of Hair & Nails.

Jillian xo


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