What a Week

Last week I was in Whistler at Camp of Champions for some summer boarding, I got to meet up with Genny, Heather and Janelle! Being able to go out a ride was an awesome feeling and I got to come home with some new tricks! If you’ve never been to camp you should forsure try because it ‘s awesome!! Another thing that was awesome, was that Janelle was a coach!! So sweet and Heather and Genny are working at the camp and riding for the summer. There was tons of snow, pros and new tricks being learned! Also a cool new addition to camp was our free access to this new trampolining place called bounce, I’ll post some pictures up of it once I recieve them, or you can check out camp of champions flickr stream. And our Tits Deep sweaters started to get noticed and some girls even left with one of their own! I left on and sunday and came home on the following sunday.. unfortunatly while I was away my dog cody passed away (rest in peace) and i’ll miss him very much. Luckily this friday we are picking up a 9 week old Australian Shepard. We aren’t positive what were going to name her but were leaning towards Oakley… if anyone else has any ideas please share them! I had an awesome time out west, and can’t wait for this season:) Keep posted for any more pictures i find and some pictures of the puppy:)
Jillian xo

Rest in peace Cody xox

New Puppy!



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