Kelsey Spaniol

So we are back in action and the first blog post going up today is for the lovely lady from the US, Kelsey Spaniol. Our rider Jill met this lady at camp of champions this year and I asked her to do a little write-up about her time in Whistler. So here it is;

I think the only thing better than snowboarding in the winter is snowboarding in the summer. Camp of Champions is known for its insane park and awesome coaches/staff. It’s crazy walking through Whistler village and running into pros you’ll see in magazines and videos. This summer I went session B in July for my third time. Every year I’ve been I have camp to choose my roommates that way I can meet some rad Canadians and people from all over. This year I roomed with Jillian Clarke who introduced me to TITS DEEP, probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever met …haha. There were hardly any girls at the session, literally only 10 of us, but the girls absolutely killed it! The park is always super clean but I took a hit to my back on ice the third day and wound up in Whistler hospital. (Lucky Canadians and their free health care 😛 ) Regardless, I was back on my board the next day and walking the village that night. What I love so much about camp is that everyone is trying to learn, progress, and have the best time ever. The post riding activities are seriously endless; paintball, skating, mini putt golf. Unfortunately, with the back problem I didn’t get to experience the “Bounce” trampolines. This session was filled with so many great jokes, memories, and new friendships. Personally it’s a week of my favorite things, in the country that I should be living in! Shredding, meeting new people, awesome food, a fair amount of recklessness, and uhm.. shredding. 🙂


Thanks Kelsey for the TITS DEEP love, glad you had a great time at COC!!

Peace, Love, Shred

– Sio xox


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