smashley so far



Ola! Welcome to 2012 ya’ll. I’ve been busy in the park working & boarding.

Watching pretty sunsets at the hill


Boardin’ with my ladies on Go Snowboarding Day @ Blue! These are my WSF (womens snowboard federation)  girls. I coach the Roxy Ride Days with all these amazing coaches. Check us out here:


Look at me all stoked to be boarding and stuff


Dan and I enjoying our first day on hill of the season on a snowy morning @ Horseshoe!


And finally, to update you all. This is from this afternoon, I front boarded the whole down flat down box! So stoked !!!



Until next time..


Smash xox



2 thoughts on “smashley so far

  1. Haha I was at lakeridge that day you were killin the switch box, I believe I saw you front board it all the way with a smooth 180 out? Damm smash

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