Meet Anna Lovenuik

Headshot 4 Headshot 5 podium anna-28


Age: 17

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Home Mountain: Fernie Alpine Resort

Favourite food: I love Indian food – Chicken Tikka Masala is my fave!

Favourite outerwear: Armada

Phobia: I hate worms!

Favourite trick: nice, big, flowy 360

Worst trick: I landed a double back flip directly on my head once at trampoline…

Whats on your skiing playlist: Anything that gets me stoked! Some of my all-time favourite pump up songs to ski to are Punching in a Dream by the Naked and Famous and Anything can Happen by Ellie Goulding.

What does skiing mean to you: For me, skiing means spending time in the mountains with family and friends. Skiing has been such an important part of my life and I have met so many amazing people, and have had so many unforgettable good times in the mountains.

Why do you love it: I love everything about skiing! I love charging down a super steep face, landing a new trick for the first time, carving perfect “S” turns into fresh corduroy, and I especially love those magical blue-bird powder days! Skiing is the best way for me to escape from reality, conquer my fears, experiment with creativity, learn and grow. I live for the excitement that the sport offers.

Females in skiing today: I think it’s so sick that women are getting more and more involved in action sports! Girls rule!! Skiing in particular has seen more and more ladies come out of the shadows and just totally rip it up! I will forever by inspired by athletes like Ingrid Backstrom, Michelle Parker, Lindsey Vonn, Roz Groenewoud, Kaya Turski, and of course, Sarah Burke, who just give it their all, 110% of the time. These ladies are the perfect role models for all female athletes and they have paved the way for girls, like myself, to keep skiing moving forward.



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