Welcome another skier Zoe Blewett

ZOE_5971 885330_10202371330825546_1692757732_o IMG_4890 safety rail


Age: 17

Hometown: Bella Coola BC, though for the past 10 years i have lived in Smithers, BC

Home Mountain: Hudson Bay Mountain

 Favourite Food: Indian food, I don’t think there is anything better than homemade Indian after a cold day of skiing
Favourite Outerwear: Armada!
Phobia: Surgery! After I broke my back when I was nine just thinking about it makes me queasy.
Favourite Trick: Either a nice laid out backflip or 270 on.
Worst Trick: Switch 270’s on, i have a knack for catching my tails…
Whats on your skiing playlist: Anything I can Jam too! Most recently my favourites have been Alive by Eliot Lipp, The Drag by Ty Segall and of course a little MF Doom and Wu Tang never gets old!
What does skiing mean to you: Everything! Skiing is more than just a sport, and I think the fact that skiing brings so many different people together is so inspiring. Skiing is my passion and it shows me that I can really push myself passed my limits to achieve my goals and dreams. Skiing is something to look forward to, something to work towards, and something that fills all my thoughts and every moment of my spare time.
Why do you love it: Skiing is one of the most rewarding things in life I think, whether it’s stomping a new trick in the park, slashing some deep pow, or even just ripping around on corduroy with some friends, you can always have a great time, I don’t think there are many more things in life that special. I love that skiing is always offering new experiences, bringing people together, and is a constant source of adventure. I always have the most fun when I’m skiing; days filled with friends, snow and a few features to jib on… what else could you ask for!
Females in skiing today: The number of girls that can rip it up on the slopes these days is crazy. Just the fact how many girls are stoked on the sport is pretty rad! Some constant inspirations for me have been Maude Raymond, and Dania Assaly, they rip. Along with Roz Groenewoud, Keri Herman, and of course Sarah Burke. These ladies are a constant inspiration for any type of girl skier and continue to set the bar for women’s skiing, always taking things to a new level and helping girls like myself and many others to achieve their goals!

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