Service Announcement ; For the record

It has been slowly coming to my attention more and more that people are getting confused with my company and another company who are going by the same name. I am going to set the record straight right now and tell everyone exactly what is going on.

When I moved to Kelowna, BC in 2009, my roommate (Janelle Leclair) and myself came up with a snowboard company named Tits Deep. It started off with just a blog talking about moving out west and videos of living the snowboard lifestyle, we had stickers made, nothing major, just our little fun project. It slowly started to gain some ground and we actually had some ladies checking us out.

I moved back to Ontario to start my career in the music industry (my second love next to snowboarding). Tits Deep sort of dropped off, as I was busy touring and working a great deal. I then started to ‘sponsor’ a couple local snowboarders.

Tits Deep is all about promoting women in action sports. I want to be able to support and help every women I can, but there is a line that has been crossed and that is something I can not stand for. I have been working very hard for this name and put in a great deal  of my own money towards making this company what it is, and I am not taking a single penny for myself. As I continue to say, all the money from merchandise sales goes back into the company. I do not make a profit!

So this is my explanation for everyone to read so that you all know the difference between us. I have made Tits Deep a all action sports company, not just snowboarding. We are here for all women and support any lady who wants to start their own female company, just please do not use the name I have had and worked hard for.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me directly at

Thank you to each and every one of you for reading this and continuing your support for women in action sports and my company Tits Deep


Siobhan McGeown


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