Catching up with the ladies; Zoe Blewett

So far this summer has been a feat of missing winter. The season ended in the last week of April and by the first week of May when i was heading off to work for the summer i was already missing the snow… it’s been a struggle and i’m sure everyone knows how i’m feeling. Luckily i booked some time off in July and headed to Whistler. I got to spend two days with my awesome boss, his family and one of my bestfriends riding the camp of champions park up on horstman. It was really great to just find my ski legs again and get comfy on jumps and rails before i headed over to momentum for some rad skiing with a bunch of rad ladies. Though it wasn’t exactly the week i was hoping for, as some previous injuries held me back from achieving the goals i had set for my self. But i still had a stellar time, learnt some new things and got comfy on bigger and more fun features. I couldn’t have been happier, i had skis on my feet so its pretty hard to complain! By the end of the week i was looking at pow pictures from the previous season and thinking that being ‘Tits Deep’ in pow woudln’t be too bad right now… Im back at work now and just getting more and more stoked for the coming season! Praying for the frost and lots of snow- i can’t wait until summer is over!

– Zoe


zoe-summer1 zoe-summer2 zoe-summer3


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