‘Tits Deep’ is here to empower and inspire other female riders of all sports, ages, and abilities by expressing that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can follow your dreams and achieve anything you strive for.  We are a strong community supporting each other in raising the bar and showing the men and the world that we can bring an equal standard and push the limits past anything that has been done before.  

The title ‘Tits Deep’ has several meanings – besides the obvious reference to our female anatomy.  When you think of the saying ‘Tits Deep’, you probably picture yourself riding through 5 feet of fresh snow with your snorkel mask strapped on and a smile from ear to ear.  Our interpretation of the title ‘Tits Deep’ is…doing what you want to do, living life to the fullest, and just plain GIVIN’ER!

Our team not only includes ladies who continually push the limits forward in snowboarding, but get Tits Deep in all areas of action sports.  


Since ´09


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